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Child Safety Is Our Priority

For almost 90 years, Fisher-Price has made the safety of children and the quality of our products our highest priority. It’s a commitment without compromise. Generations of parents have trusted Fisher-Price to provide high-quality, safe products for their children, and we work hard to earn that trust every day.

Rock ‘n Play Sleeper Advisory Recall

That’s why today, we are announcing that Health Canada, in consultation with Mattel, has issued an advisory recall on one of our Fisher-Price products, the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, urging parents and caregivers to use the product only in accordance with specific usage instructions.

Though the product is no longer available for sale in Canada and has not been since 2011, Health Canada is directing consumers who might still own a Rock ‘n Play Sleeper that the product should not be used for naptime or overnight sleep. Health Canada has, however, also advised consumers, that they can continue to use the product as a playtime or soothing seat. Health Canada has never expressed any safety or regulatory concern with the sale or use of the Rock n’ Play Sleeper in Canada under that specific usage.

Safe Use of Fisher-Price Products

We have very specific product usage instructions and warnings that we urge parents and caregivers to read and follow carefully to ensure a safe environment for their infants

For example, parents and caregivers may also be familiar with our product, the Fisher-Price Rock ’n Play Soothing Seat, that was introduced in 2016 in consultation with Health Canada. The Soothing Seat is similar in design to the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper but is intended for use as a playtime and soothing seat only – not for prolonged or unsupervised sleep. The Soothing Seat continues to be sold in Canada and there has been no recalls for the product in Canada, or elsewhere around the world.

Fisher-Price reminds parents and caregivers to follow all safety warnings and instructions on the front of product packaging in the product instructions and in materials available on our website. These include:

  • ALWAYS use the restraint system
  • Use ONLY the pad provided by Fisher-Price
  • NEVER use extra padding under or beside infant – do not add blankets, pillows or other items
  • STOP using the product when infant begins to roll over
  • NEVER leave child unattended.

We want parents around the world to know that safety will always be a cornerstone of our mission, that we are committed to these values, and will continue to prioritize the health, safety and well-being of the infants and preschoolers who utilize our products.